How to Wear Bangs With a Hat

The hat should complement your hair, not beat it senseless.

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Add the perfect hat to your snazzy bangs for a look that can't be beat. Don't make your bangs a casualty of your new hat -- instead, make them work together with the whole ensemble. Bangs smushed down against your face aren't appealing, and the look doesn't work for anyone. Create perfect symmetry with the perfect match up. It'll be the best thing since bright red lipstick met nude eyeshadow.


Ditch your idea of a glorious hat-bang combo if you're wearing the hat just to stay cool. In a sun hat, your hair shouldn't be the star of the show, so pull back your bangs and let the hat shine. Your bangs won't make your heat feel sweaty or sticky if they're tucked under your cap.


Hold your bangs in one hand like you'd cling to a pair of boots at a bogo sale. Place the hat on the crown of your head, let the bangs go and adjust the hat so it fits loosely. It shouldn't be pressing the bangs all the way down.


Keep some life in your bangs by scrunching them with your hand once the hat is on your head.


Gel and hairspray can be a girl's best friend if you're trying to keep your bangs styled while the hat is on. They'll get super messy if something isn't keeping them in place.


Wear an old fashioned hat with a bit of netting and push it off to the side a little. If you push it to the left, pull your bangs to the right. It's a great look with a sassy little dress.

Tips & Tricks


Pin your bangs to one side if you can't make a specific hat work with your bangs. It works great with a side part.

Your bangs may lose some volume and verve when you press a hat on them. Keep a tiny bottle of styling spray and a comb in your purse for emergencies.


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