Ways to Wear Rubber Bracelets

Avril Lavigne mixes and matches bracelets.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're old enough to remember a pre-Kabbala, pre-skinny-armed Madonna or you've heard about her from your mom, you'll know that the famous singer started a rubber bracelet craze. Madonna wore piles of black ones, and soon after colors of every hue started to appear on the arms of models, goths and everyone in between. Charities jumped on the rubber bracelet bandwagon, and in 2010, thin rubber bracelets in all kinds of shapes took schoolchildren by storm. Pick up a handful of these bendy accessories and your style will truly burn rubber.


Pony up. Bracelets on arms are so 2010. Deck out your pretty locks by wearing a rubber bracelet as a ponytail holder. Unlike regular rubber bands that grab and pull, rubber bracelets are smooth and pliable and won't bust up your hair. They come in just about every color and pattern under the sun. Match your outfit, put up your hair and ride off into the awesomely accessorized sunshine.


Raise your hand for a cause. Rubber bracelets date back to Madonna and her 1980s jelly bracelets, but many more people jumped on board when cyclist Lance Armstrong began distributing his yellow "Livestrong" rubber bracelets in 2004. This move spawned arm accessories in every color and for every charity under the sun. Wear rubber bracelets to announce your support of a charity or two -- such as pink for breast cancer or purple for thyroid cancer. Even if you're not one to shout from the rafters or profess your support to others, slip on and stack up some bracelets to make your own quiet stand.


Accessorize those arms. You don't have to have a cause in mind to wear rubber bracelets. Enjoy them for their colors, flexibility and low cost. Wear them to match just about any outfit. Pick one or two colors that complement designs in your shirt or add a bit of spot color to an entirely black outfit.


Inspire your mood with color-coded accessories. It may sound like hoodoo-voodoo or mumbo jumbo, but experts such as those at the Bloomsburg University Virtual Training Help Center insist that certain colors spark our moods. Pile on the blue rubber bracelets if you want to feel calm, tranquil, stable and trusting. Bust out the red if you're going for desire, speed, strength, love and energy.

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