The Best Ways to Use Rubber Curling Rods

Rubber curlers are a powerful tool in the battle against straight hair.

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If you’re dying for soft, bouncy curls, but your hair can no longer take the heat of traditional curling irons, rubber curling rods may be the answer. These tiny tubes have a flexible metal core and are coated with a thick layer of soft rubber that grips your hair, holding it tight for perfectly curled tresses. Grab a pack or two of rubber curling rods on your next outing to the beauty-supply store and get your curl on.

Pre-Curl Preparation

Curling your hair may seem like a simple styling procedure, but the right preparation is absolutely essential for full, lasting curls. Wash your locks the day before you curl, rather than just before styling. Squeaky-clean hair is prone to slipping, and a little delay between washing and curling allows natural oils from your scalp to coat each strand for better hold. Skip leave-in conditioners and shine sprays for some extra curl control.

Roll On

Rubber rods take a little dexterity to use, since they are self-contained and have to be folded over and clipped to themselves to hold the hair on. Divide your hair into two large chunks and start curling on the left side. Divide a 1-inch piece from the bulk of your hair and coat it with a little styling mousse or hairspray. Hold the curler under the end of the hair and wrap the hair around the curler, rolling it back toward your head. Pull the ends of the curler together and snap the curler closed. Keep on rolling until your whole head is full of rubbery little rolls.

Set Up

Grab your hair dryer and blow the heck out of your curls. Gentle heat helps activate the styling mousse and mold the hair around the curlers, resulting in stronger, longer-lasting curls. If you don’t want to stand there blowing hot air on your head, sit in a sunny spot for an hour as the mousse dries. Pull a comfy chair to a sunny window and kick up your heels for a little while.

Remove and Style

Uncurling the hair is just as important to bouncy curls as curling. Start with a curler close to the bottom of your head and carefully unsnap it. Grasp it in one hand and pull down toward the ground to create a spiral. Uncurl the remainder of the sections lowest on your head, working up toward your crown. Shake the curls lightly with your fingers and add a bit of hairspray to lock in your luxurious curls.

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