Ways to Style Your Hair With an Alligator Clip


Imagine an alligator’s jaws opening and closing and you can quickly understand why these hair clips share a name. When you pinch one end of an alligator clip, the other end opens wide to clip back hair. These simple, yet effective, hair clips slide into your hair easily to help you create a variety of different looks. Style your hair with an alligator clip for an easy and chic ‘do that will take you through the day on into the night.

Swept-Back Bangs

Comb out your mane to detangle. Once you have your hair looking long and smooth, grab one or two alligator clips to hold the front of your hair back from your face. If you have bangs, you’ll have to position the clips higher near your temples to catch the shorter hair and clip it back. If you have longer hair, you can position the clips anywhere from temple height to down near your ears. Just open the jaws of the alligator clips, slide them into your hair and let go. The clips will grab your hair tightly to hold it back.

Half Updo

Comb your hair to get it ready to style. Make a part from ear to ear and comb the hair over the top of your head straight up to make it smooth. Pull this hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head, but instead of making a dull pony, give your hair a couple of twists to make it tight against your scalp. As you twist your hair, the ends will probably start sticking straight up -- this is exactly what you want for this casual half updo. Once you have your hair twisted tight, insert one alligator clip from one side and another alligator clip from the other side to hold your hair tight.

French Twist

After combing your hair neatly, pull it back into a ponytail near the nape of your neck. Skip the elastic band, though, and twist your hair into a stylin’ French twist. As you twist your hair against your scalp, tuck it tightly until you see the French twist begin to form. Keep tucking until it feels tight against your scalp. Secure the twist with two or three decorative alligator clips, sliding them into your hair from both the left and right to keep the twist from moving.

Low Ponytail

If a ponytail is your “go to” style that works for daily activities, using alligator clips may make this style even easier to achieve. Go through the same process to create a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, but instead of fastening it with an elastic band, slide two or four alligator clips into your hair to secure the style. This style probably works best for light to medium-weight hair because heavy hair often needs the more structured hold of an elastic band.

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