Ways to Bring Dead Hair Back to Life

Get rid of dead ends with a trim.

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If you're like many women, your hair is probably cringing at the sight of another heat appliance, chemical straightener, perm or box of color. Whether you've dyed, chemically altered or fried your hair to death, one thing is true---you've got dead hair because of it. To get your hair back to good health, you'll need to consider giving your locks a good trim and investing in some hydrating treatments.


The thing about severely damaged hair is that you may not be able to fully restore it. The only way to truly get rid of dead hair is to cut it off so that your hair can start looking healthier. While you may need to cut your split ends, you may also need to cut off more portions of your hair if your stylist determines you have a lot of dead hair. Although it may be difficult to let go of your length at first, your locks will shine like never before once they grow in healthier.

Shampoo and Condition

The type of shampoo and conditioner you use can really help to bring your hair back to life and keep it healthy. Use a sulfate and alcohol-free shampoo, which will not strip the moisture from your hair. Additionally, never forgo your conditioner, which can hydrate your hair and help it look healthier. Lastly, consider washing your hair every other day, rather than once a day, since this can dry out your dead hair further.

Hydrating Treatments

if your hair is extremely dry, you may be able to prevent it from breaking and splitting by using a special treatment. A hot oil treatment, for example, can add a serious jolt of moisture to your dry hair. Or, your hair may need a protein treatment, which you can do yourself or at the salon. Lastly, a deep conditioning treatment can really bring your hair back to life. Note that none of these can substitute for a good old fashioned trim if you've got dead hair.

Other Tips

You've got dead hair because of something you've either done or neglected to do to your hair. Whether you've used too many chemicals on your locks or used too much heat on it, you will need to revise your routine to keep your hair healthy moving forward. Or, if you've neglected to put in the necessary moisture in your mane, you will need to keep up your moisturizing routine to keep your hair healthy from this day on. Now, you can really turn over a new hair leaf.

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