The Best Ways to Break in Heels

Breaking in heels can mean the difference between comfort and blisters.

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There seems to be a cardinal rule when it comes to high heels: The hotter they are, the more painful they are to wear. This phenomenon can often lead to a closet full of gorgeous shoes that haven't been worn in years because of the pain and blisters they cause. Fear not. A few days of breaking in your sexy shoes can result in you actually being able to wear them for a night on the town.

Stretch Them Out

Wear your shoes with thick socks -- in the house only, of course, while you're cooking, on the computer or just watching TV. After a few days, the stiff sides and backs of the shoes will stretch and won't rub up against your bare feet as hard.

Prevent Slips

Using a knife or sandpaper, scratch the bottoms of the shoes. New shoes usually have flawless, slick-bottom soles. While it looks good in a window display, it doesn't look so good when it causes you to slip and fall while dancing. Roughing up the bottoms will ensure that you get more traction while walking across smooth floors.

Act Like A Shoe Store

Pack the shoe's toe with paper and place a metal stick in the shoe that presses against the paper and the heel. This will do some of the breaking in work for you. The stick won't disturb the natural shape of the shoe, but it will push the ends away from each other so the shoe won't be as tight.

Prevent Blisters

Invest in a blister-preventer. Sometimes, no matter what you do to break in a shoe, blisters will always be a risk. Gels that cushion between your skin and the material of the shoe are available to purchase. The rubber material prevents excess rubbing so blisters won't have a chance to form.

Keep Them On

Wear them all the time. After you've stretched them out and roughed up the bottoms, wear the shoes as you'd wear them on a night out. Get your feet used to the style and shape of the shoes. Walk around the house, dance in your room and walk up a flight of stairs. This allows the shoe to get used to the movement and shape of your foot.

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