Ways to Apply Eye Shadow for Deep Set Eyes

Raise your brows slightly by penciling in a little above the arch.

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Applying eyeshadow to deep-set eyes sounds like an easy feat. The good news is, yes, the eye socket and brow bone are prominent, so you can see exactly where to apply your shadow. The bad news: deep-set eyes are recessed and shadowy as it is, so it takes some tricks to de-emphasize the eye. Bust out a few corrective techniques and some highlighter to visually bring your eyes forward, and your work is almost done.

Lighten Up

Opt for light shades of eye shadow to wear on your lids, even for nighttime affairs. Deep-set eyes are recessed into their sockets already. Adding a dark shadow to your crease can give you the appearance of having two holes in your head. Dark shadows pull your sockets back into your head and emphasize your concern. Light color eye shadow bounces the light and tricks the eye into noticing it first, thereby bringing the eye to the front.

Highlight the Lids

Apply a highlighter eye shadow on the very front of your lids to help make your eyes appear to be closer to the front of the face. Apply a mid-tone eyeshadow to the brow bone area to recess it toward the back. Avoid the crease; you've already got enough of your own natural shadowing.

Rim the Eyes

Clinique advises women with deep-set eyes to utilize a smudgy eye shadow as an eye liner to help camouflage recessed eyes. Start by applying a darker eye shadow shade just above the crease of your eye. Use a rounded brush to blend. Line your eyes, beginning at the inside corner and work outward. Apply very close to your lashes. Avoid dark colors; they can make your eyes look smaller. Start with a thin stroke and thicken the line as you go, so that the outer two-thirds of the eye are lined the thickest. Repeat this under the lower lash line, but line only the outer corner. Smudge the liner with a small brush to avoid a harsh line. Finish with two coats of makeup.


Dot a highlighter eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyelid. Work with pale pinks, peaches or beiges, light metallics or frosted whites. Follow with a medium shade tone on the entire eyelid. Swipe a more intense shade on the brow bone, but stay away from dark colors. Don't forget to highlight with the lightest eye shadow in your pallete. Apply just a sliver under the brow to make the top of the lid pop forward.

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