The Best Way to Get a Rainbow Hairstyle

Rainbow dye isn't just for wigs.

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If you’re bored with your current hair color but can’t decide what shade you want, why not try a few of them at once? A rainbow hairstyle isn’t right for everyone, but fashionistas with fierce, bold attitudes can rock the rainbow with confidence. Transforming your tresses into a rainbow of color takes time, but the eye-popping results are worth every second of work.

Strip It Off

Before you get your rainbow on, you must strip off your existing hair color. Think of your mane as a canvas; lighter canvasses show new colors better than dark canvasses. Grab a box of color stripper and squirt it all over your head. Lather up and rinse off at the end of the allotted dyeing time, and dry with a towel. Color strippers work in stages, and if you’ve got black or brunette hair, it may take multiple sessions to achieve platinum locks. Wait four weeks between applications to prevent excess follicle damage.

Pick Your Dyes

Bold, permanent dyes are essential to a lasting rainbow hairstyle. Look for richly pigmented dyes that say “permanent” on the box to keep your locks brilliant and beautiful. Rainbows come in shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet, so you’ll need at least one box of dye in each shade. If your hair is longer than the top of your shoulders, purchase two boxes in each shade for maximum coverage.

Divide and Conquer

Divide your hair into even sections for clear, definitive color sections. For a rainbow wave of color from hairline to crown, split your hair into six sections, with the front section the thinnest, increasing in thickness as you reach the back of your head. If you’re looking for a bolder look, block your entire head off in six large, even chunks. Ladies with long locks can divide their hair in half horizontally and color the top sections and bottom sections in alternating colors for a funky, dual rainbow style.

Paint On

Start with red dye on the first section of hair. Clip the other sections up, and apply copious amounts of red dye to the hair. Leave the dye on for 30 minutes, then rinse until the water is no longer pink. Towel dry the section, and twist it up, securing it with a clip. Move onto the second section of hair, dyeing it a brilliant shade of orange. Rinse and clip up the second section, working through your yellow, green, blue and purple dyes in that order. Dye and rinse each section separately to avoid bleeding and keep your rainbow hairstyle bright, bold and beautiful.

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