The Best Way to Put on a Sports Bra

Wearing the right sports bra can be an uplifting experience.

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A sports bra is your breasts’ best friend, there to keep the jiggle and bounce contained during life’s toughest moments. The right sports bra also helps keep your girls looking perky, because it protects the Cooper’s ligament, connective tissue that supports the breast and can be damaged during high-impact activities. Getting into a racerback sports bra is as simple as pulling it over your head, then settling the girls into place. Putting on a sports bra that clasps in the back requires an extra twist.

Back-Clasp Bras

Hold the sports bra so that the back clasp is in front of you, cups behind. Connect all of the hooks, and then twist the bra around so the cups are in front. Pay attention to that little tab of fabric that covers the hooks; twist the bra one way and the fabric will protect your delicate skin. Twist it the other way and the tab pulls back, exposing the hooks so they can chafe you right between the shoulder blades. Slide your arms through the shoulder straps and pull them into position.

The Boob Scoop

No matter what kind of bra you’re wearing, you need to settle the girls into place. If you’re wearing a compression sports bra, this ensures that both ladies ride along at the same height. If you’re wearing an encapsulation bra, your ta-tas aren’t going to climb into those encapsulating cups on their own. Use the opposite hand to scoop each breast into position.

Be an Athletic Supporter

The bra band is your primary breast-support system, not the straps. That’s why many sports bras have bands wide enough for three or four hooks. A sports bra should fit a little tighter than your everyday bras, but not so tight that you can’t take a deep breath. A professional bra fitting is the simplest way to make sure you’re wearing the right size. A poorly-fitted bra isn’t going to offer much protection, and it might even make you look like a boob.

Hints and Tips

Just like any other piece of clothing, sports bras eventually wear out. If your bra feels loose even when you clasp it with the last set of hooks, or if you notice more movement than usual going on inside your bra, it’s time for a new one. Admiring (or horrified) glances from passersby are another clue that you might need a new sports bra.

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