What Is Best Way to Grow Fingernails Longer Without Splitting Them?

Even occasional chewing on your nails weakens them while they grow.

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Growing your nails out is a great way to look healthy and beautiful. When your nails are strong, it's a sign that your body is strong on the inside. Splitting nails can derail even your best efforts, though. Chances are that you're just a little too rough on your fingertips. By treating your hands with more kindness and adding some supplements, you're likely to see real results in just a few weeks.


Your manicure habits have a major impact on your fingernails' health. If you're polishing regularly, either stop for awhile or just repaint chips and cut back on the nail polish remover. That stuff can be pretty harsh. Plus, giving your nails oxygen and avoiding chemicals will help avoid splitting. Keep your nails trimmed and filed as they grow, too. Uneven tips are more likely to snag and split. The same way that you trim split ends when you're growing your hair long, regular trimming and filing keeps your nails strong.

Nail Hardener

If splitting is really wrecking your nail-growth efforts, try using a coat of nail hardener. These clear formulas help your nails avoid the splitting that comes from tapping on keyboards, opening containers and other daily trivialities you really can't avoid. Just stay away from any hardeners that include formaldehyde. This nasty chemical can cause irritation to both your nails and the skin around your nails, which can lead to damaged nail beds as new growth occurs.


Biotin is part of the family of B vitamins, once considered all the same vitamin, but now recognized as having different properties. Biotin is often included in pre-natal vitamins and it's excellent for helping your nails grow long and strong. Add biotin supplements to your diet to work toward long nails that don't split, but make sure you take them regularly. Since biotin is water-soluble, your body flushes it out quickly. With regular intake, though, you should see a difference.


Your nails need moisture just like any other part of your body. If you're having problems with splitting, a little more moisture could solve the problem. Drink up, for starters. Regular hydration on the inside shows everywhere on the outside. Rubbing a little vitamin E oil on your nails works, too. The vitamin E won't be absorbed and affect your nails the same way as supplements, but the oil has moisturizing properties that are really good for preventing splits.

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