The Best Way to Apply Makeup on Black Skin

Applying makeup should improve your appearance, not stress you out.

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Applying makeup shouldn't require a degree in rocket science. But many ladies are told by makeup companies and aestheticians that if you are a woman of color, you are a woman with a problem when it comes to cosmetics. Finding cosmetics to match individual skin tone is often difficult, as is knowing how to apply it. Don't be intimidated by those who don't know the best way to apply makeup to your multifaceted skin and therefore say it's difficult. Instead, implement a few techniques that make applying makeup easy, simple and leaving you looking seriously gorgeous.


Apply a foundation that best matches your skin tone. The best way to tell is to sample three colors similar to your tone and apply each to a small area on your jaw line, then look in the mirror and see which looks best. Dip a moist makeup sponge into the foundation and apply it lightly to your face, starting at your forehead and working your way down. Use long strokes and apply the foundation as evenly as possible, unless you are going for the streaky, zebra look. If you are plagued by oily skin, as many African-American ladies are, use foundation that is formulated to soak up the extra moisture and leave you looking glowing instead of greasy.


Dip a medium-sized brush into blush that complements your skin tone. For instance, if you have cool undertones, go for a pink or coral blush. If warm or yellow tones peek through your skin, choose copper or peach to amplify and add excitement to your cheekbones. Sweep the brush across up your cheekbones and a light coat across the apples. Blush adds a bit of color to your face and can leave you with cheeks that are as defined as Janet Jackson's.


Skip the brush when applying eye shadow and use your fingers instead. Dip the pad of your ring finger in your selected shade and sweep in across your lids. Continue to apply the eye shadow until the color has reached the depth you want. Go for a dark, smoky look if you want to amp up your sexy eyes or shimmery golden shades to look like a goddess. Using your fingers helps the dry eye shadow to go smoothly on your rich skin.


Outline your lid and the underneath your eye with an eyeliner that complements your eye shadow and skin color. Although almost any shade of liner will look good, let's forget about white and other super-bright colors, unless you want to be transported back into the 1980s. Smudge the liner a bit with your fingers to create a sexy, smoky look.


Sweep over your foxy lips with a gloss or lipstick in a shade that is close to your natural tone. Anything too bright or too dark will overwhelm your face and look distracting.

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7.Gloss or lipstick

2.Makeup sponge




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