How Often to Wax an Eyebrow

Regular waxing helps beautify your brows.

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If your eyes truly are the windows to your soul, then your eyebrows play a major role in emphasizing your inner diva. Eyebrow shaping and shading is an anciet art that goes back to the times of the ancient Egyptian beauties. Keeping your eyebrows looking their beautiful best requires regular upkeep and commitment. Waiting too long between brow waxes can lead to wild and wacky brows that frazzle your fashion flair.

Wonderful Waxing

Waxing removes your hair from below the surface, making the skin around your eyes smooth and soft for several weeks. Although various waxing products pepper the beauty market, these all work in the same basic manner. The soft wax allows for easy placement of the sticky substance. As the wax cools or dries, it tends to harden, creating a tight clasp around the trapped strands. A quick tug pulls the entire length of the imbedded hairs, including the root portions, from your skin, leaving your brow line smooth and meticulously manicured.

Hair Growth

The optimal amount of time between waxing sessions depends on your individual rate of hair growth. Some people grow hair rapidly, while others seem to take forever for new hairs to appear. Unlike tweezing, waxing requires a little length of exposed hair strands for the wax to adhere properly. Professional cosmetologists and beauty estheticians usually schedule waxing appointments every six to eight weeks, although your specific schedule may vary.

Meticulous Maintenance

Going in for your brow waxes too often can drain your pocketbook, while waiting too long between appointments can lead to an unkempt, unruly appearance. Keep your eyebrows in check between waxing sessions by tweezing the errant stands as they appear, but keep in mind that excessive tweezing can result in uneven eyebrows and beauty-busting brow baldness. Keep tweezing to a minimum and allow your trusted stylist to maintain the shape your enticing eyebrows.

Special Considerations

Getting your brows waxed right before a big event can leave you with puffy, red peepers. With respect to your regular waxing schedule, avoid this sadistic method of primping right before an important event, such as the prom or a wedding. Wax at least three days prior to your big hoopla to reduce the risk of redness and the embarrassment of snarky stares cast in your direction. Three days gives your sensitive skin time to calm down completely.

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