How to Wash Hair With Green Tea

Get all of the benefits of green tea, inside and out.

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Green tea contains antioxidants that promote health and fight illness. Because green tea goes through minimal processing, it's a natural, healthy beverage (which is saying a lot given its sugar-filled, "heavy on the caffeine" alternatives). If you're out of the loop on eco-friendly hair-care methods, don't overlook your tea canister. Green tea can be used as an inexpensive, chemical-free hair treatment that will leave your hair shiny and healthy. (And while you're at it, brew a cup for sipping, too.)


Boil 2 to 4 cups of water in a tea kettle or microwave. You will use 1 cup per green tea bag. The exact amount of the tea you'll need depends on the length and thickness of your hair. Start with 3 cups, and go from there.


Pour the water in a heat-resistant bowl, and add three green tea bags. Let the tea bags steep for three to five minutes. (If you're not a tea connoisseur, "steep" is just a fancy word for "dunk the tea bags a few times and then leave them in the water.")


Allow the tea to cool before applying it to your hair. To speed up the cooling process, (patience is a virtue ... but not everyone is virtuous), place the bowl in the fridge.


Take the bowl of cooled tea to the shower or sink, wet your hair and apply the green tea. Be sure to saturate your hair well, and don't forget about your scalp. Leave the tea on for several minutes, and then rinse well with warm water.

Things You'll Need


1.Green tea bags

3.Tea kettle




Tips & Tricks


Wash your hair with green tea once a week to keep your hair soft, strong and lustrous.


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