How to Wash the Hair With Egg Yolk

Treat your tresses to an inexpensive egg yolk wash.

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Looking for an inexpensive way to give your hair the spa treatment? Well, look no further than a carton of eggs. They might not be good for your cholesterol, but they sure work wonders on your mane. Whether you suffer from dry, damaged locks that need some TLC, or you just want to pamper your fine hair a bit, washing your hair with egg yolks will do the trick for cheap.


Crack an egg, putting only yolk into a bowl. If your locks are especially long, use two eggs.


Beat the yolk with a whisk until it's watery. For added hair benefits, especially if your hair is dry, toss in a teaspoon of olive oil.


Slowly stir in 1 cup of lukewarm water. If you used two eggs, use 2 cups of water. Beat up the mixture again with the whisk.


Hop in the shower and shampoo your hair. After you've rinsed out the shampoo, pour about half of the egg mixture onto the top of your head. Scoop the other half of the mixture from the bowl with your hands to apply it to the bottom part of your hair.


Use your fingers to work the egg mixture into your hair. Run your fingers through your hair to comb the egg yolk through your strands. Leave it in your hair for about five minutes.


Give your hair a good rinse with cool to lukewarm water. Whatever you do, don't use hot water unless you want to cook the eggs in your hair.

Things You'll Need


1.1 to 2 eggs


5.1 cup lukewarm water


4.1 tsp. olive oil (optional)



Tips & Tricks


You don't need to use conditioner when using egg yolk in your hair. The yolk works in place of conditioner.


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