How to Wash Air Brushed T-Shirts Without Fading the Design


An airbrushed shirt is a little more delicate when it comes to washing than most other types of T-shirts. The paint used for airbrushing can fade if it's not washed properly. Whether you scored a super-cute airbrushed T-shirt while on vacation, or you got one as a gift from a special someone, wash it right so the design stays vibrant.


Turn your airbrushed shirt inside out. This helps to reduce the design's exposure to water and the agitator in the washer during the wash cycle.


Set your washer to the cold temperature setting. Add the appropriate amount of detergent per the bottle's instructions for the load size you are washing. Turn the washer on so it begins to fill with water.


Submerge the shirt in the water. Let the washer run a complete cycle.


Remove the shirt promptly after the wash cycle has finished. Hang the shirt or lay it flat to dry.

Things You'll Need


1.Laundry detergent


Tips & Tricks


You can wash your airbrushed shirt with other clothes as long as they require a cold-water wash also.

If you need to run an iron over your airbrushed shirt to get rid of wrinkles, keep it inside out. Set the iron to high heat but no steam. Avoid ironing the shirt for any longer than about 5 minutes.

Don't use bleach while washing your airbrushed shirt. Avoid putting it in the dryer as well, which can fade the design.


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