The Best Wardrobe Plan for Soft Summer Season Skin Tone

Basic white can be too harsh for a soft summer complexion.

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Soft summers have naturally muted and delicate coloring, with minimal contrast between skin, eye and hair color. Soft summers can be any race, with any hair and eye color. Unlike the old-fashioned four-season color analysis system, modern color analysis has 12 seasons, flowing from one to another. Soft summer is a relatively neutral palette combining cool tones of summer with warmer soft autumn influence. Her colors are gentle, with a gray-brown overtone. While these colors are quiet, they can make your complexion and eyes sparkle.


While looking your best is the biggest perk associated with personal color analysis, your colors will coordinate with one another, making sleepy mornings a bit less stressful. Coordinating colors create a versatile, practical, mix-and-match wardrobe and can help you avoid sad closet orphans that don't work with anything you own. Soft summer's colors are low saturation shades, allowing you to put together outfits that blend seamlessly without being monochromatic. Your basics should fit your busy life, whether you're balancing life in the boardroom or hitting the books in college.


As a soft summer, your neutral colors include blue-toned light to medium gray and light navy blue. Think pink with soft shades of medium rose brown and light rosy beige if you prefer warmer basics. Shades of gray and brown are ideal for cooler winter days, while crisp navy and light rosy beige suit warmer temperatures. Round out your wardrobe with dusty pinks and plums, soft blue greens and many shades of blue. Trends are always changing, but smart shopping can help you pick out your best colors even in a neon-bright season. Avoid orange tones, orange-red and yellow-greens, as well as black and white.


Pants that make the most of your assets, an A-line skirt and a fitted jacket are practical basics for nearly every lifestyle. Add a pants or skirt suit if you need it, along with a fitted pencil skirt that can go from office-practical to va-va-voom. Look for crisp, polished fabrics for the office or washable ones for weekend or casual wear. Slightly weathered denim is a softer choice than dark or black denim and your khakis should have a rosy tone, rather than a greenish or golden one. Think out of the box and break up your suit to mix and match the pieces with other pants, skirts, tops and jeans. Go with one of your neutrals in place of black when you're shopping for the quintessential little black dress.

Fill It In

Pants, skirts and suits alone won't make a wardrobe, even if you live at the office. Add cardigan and crewneck sweaters in your palette, along with short and long sleeve tees. A classic white button-up is versatile, but make yours a soft and muted white rather than a pure tone. Once you have the pieces you need to get through the week and survive even if you miss laundry day, build your wardrobe with dresses and skirts, blouses in your favorite colors from your palette and scarves. Your shoes can be in one of your neutrals or a metallic such as silver and pewter. While black isn't one of your colors, black shoes will pair well with both navy and gray. Choose silver and rose toned pearls to polish off your outfits.

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