How to Volumize Haircuts

Volumize your hair for an extra pretty, feminine look.

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Volumizing ladies' hair was in vogue long before Priscilla Presley did it to the max with her beehive 'do, and it seems to grow in popularity with each generation. Big hair stands out in the crowd. It commands attention, envy and even awe. When you get a new haircut, you naturally want your hair to look its best. Volumizing your haircut is essential to creating a sultry siren style. Volumize your own haircut and be the belle of the day.


Shampoo your hair with a volumizing shampoo and apply a conditioner. When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, shop carefully and look at the ingredients list. Lisa Chiccine of the Lisa Chiccine Salon in New York City tells "Good Housekeeping" magazine: "There are ingredients now, like wheat protein, that can swell each strand to almost twice its size." Go for a shampoo that's formulated for both volumizing and meeting the needs of your hair type.


Brush out your new hair cut gently with a wide-toothed comb. As you do this, also apply a volumizing gel. Opt to put the gel a bit at a time on the teeth of the comb to evenly distribute it throughout your hair.


Whip out your hair dryer and a soft-bristled round brush when your hair is damp, not soaking wet.


Separate your hair into five different sections, keeping them apart with clips. Let the first section down. Start blow drying it while brushing the hair of that section from its very root down to the tip of the hair, then brushing the ends under.


Once your hair is dry, bring out an oversized curling iron. Alternatively, if you want small curls, use a smaller curling iron. Just to add volume, however, a larger curling iron is best. Curl small strands at a time. Once you've done this for all of your hair, your hair should be rocking with volume!


Spritz your hair with a light volumizing spritz, and you should be good to go. Voila! Go show off that volumized hair!

Things You'll Need


1.Wide-toothed comb

3.Blow dryer

5.Hair clips

7.Volumizing conditioner

9.Volumizing spritz

2.Soft-bristled round brush

4.Oversized curling iron

6.Volumizing shampoo

8.Volumizing gel


Tips & Tricks


You may also opt to braid your hair the night before you want a volumized style for your haircut. This will amp up the volume even more!

Do not comb your hair again after styling your hair with a curling iron, but you can brush it lightly as needed.


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