Virgin Coconut Oil for Scars

Scar-fighting virgin coconut oil comes from dried coconut meat.

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Rubbing virgin coconut oil on your skin won't just leave you smelling like a yummy piña colada -- it'll also help reduce the appearance of scars that you'd rather forget about. You may not see virgin coconut oil for sale on your typical drugstore or beauty supply shop shelf. But step into an organic grocer or a vitamin shop, and you're sure to run into pure, virgin coconut oil for sale. A small tub of organic virgin coconut oil will set you back less than $10, as of October 2011, probably making it one of the most affordable beauty products in your cabinet.

What it is

Virgin coconut oil is, well, virginal. Made from the dried meat found inside whole coconuts, virgin oil is processed without heat or chemicals that might strip the oil of its natural goodness. Choosing virgin coconut oil to treat your scars might give you the best results, since the oil is in its purest, most natural form. Pure virgin coconut oil is sold in its solid form, looking like a tub of shortening, but smelling much better.

How it Works

Virgin coconut oil is full of good fatty acids, namely lauric acid and oleic acid, which may help break down scar tissue and get rid of it for good. According to Constance Dunn, the author of "Practical Glamour," a book on beauty and grooming, massaging virgin coconut oil into old scar tissue frequently can help lessen the appearance of the scar and bring your skin back to its glowing, youthful self.

How to Use it

Dunn suggests scooping some hardened oil out of a jar with a spatula and heating the oil in a microwave until it liquifies. Close your eyes and enjoy the tropical smell that fills your kitchen while you wait. Make sure the oil is warm, not hot, and massage it into the scar you want to see disappear. Let the excess coconut oil absorb into your skin -- there is no need to wash it off. Do this twice every day until that scar is history. "Make it a habit, like brushing your teeth," Dunn suggests. "The massaging of the oil will eventually break down the scar tissue, so be diligent and consistent to get the results you desire."

Other Benefits

A soothing massage with some virgin coconut oil can be a relaxing escape. It can help reduce the appearance of scars, especially burn scars, according to Bruce Fife in his book "Virgin Coconut Oil: Nature's Miracle Medicine." As an added benefit, rubbing coconut oil on your skin can prevent and treat damage caused by the sun, making the sweet-smelling oil a good natural beauty product to keep on hand if you're guilty of being a bit of a sun-worshipper.

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