Help for Vertical Splits in Fingernails

You can relieve vertical splits and have beautiful nails.

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Your hands can be the first thing that people notice about you. When you have split and brittle nails, it can affect your confidence. Not only can it kill your confidence, it can cause discomfort. Vertical ridges can cause painful splits in your nails. With a few simple steps, you can relieve splits and have people wondering why you started using your hands so much when you talk.

The Reasons Your Nails Go Vertical

Doctors aren't totally sure what causes vertical splits, but they do know what contributes to them. There are several factors. Aging is the most common cause of splitting. Over time, the keratin in your nail bed wears down and ridges begin to appear. As you age, you produce less oil in the nail bed; you need oil to keep cuticles and nails conditioned. When your hand is exposed to the elements, it can increase the appearance of ridges.

Moisture Can Be a Bad Thing

Prolonged exposure to water can cause splits in your nails. Once you add harsh household cleaners to that, it can make the splits even worse. The water dries the nail bed out and causes nails to be dry and brittle. To prevent your nails from drying out, always wear gloves when you are cleaning, exposing your hands to harsh chemicals or doing dishes. Avoid super-long hand soaks when you are in the bathtub. To keep nails dry and protected, make sure the gloves are cotton-lined.

Keep Them Clean and Trimmed

Dirty nails not only look bad, they can be bad for your hands. Make sure you keep your nails clean. Use a wooden cuticle stick or a nail brush to clean under nails. Dry nails immediately and follow up with a nourishing hand cream. Keep your nails trimmed and smooth. Make sure that nails do not have rough edges. This can cause snags that will result in tears in the nail bed.

Relieve the Splits

There are a few ways that you can repair vertical splits. Use nail glue to seal cracks in nails. Use a clear nail polish to protect nail beds from the elements. InStyle likes Nailtiques formula No. 2. It is designed to protect and strengthen nails. Keep your cuticles moisturized with a cuticle oil or an essential oil. Look for a cuticle oil with jojoba and vitamin E. They help hold moisture and repair skin damage. Do not cut cuticles. If your nails begin yellowing or showing extreme discoloration, consult with your doctor. There could be an underlying health issue.

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