Velcro Rollers for Hairstyles With Height at the Crown

Velcro rollers can create a bunch of fab, voluminous styles.

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Sometimes your tresses look better a little bit untamed. So switch your look up and take a walk on the wild side with curly hairstyles with height at the crown. There are tons of ways to create curls. If you want to blow dry your locks, instead of curling them after, try adding a few Velcro rollers to your hair before you dry to give you that same fab volume in less time.

Romantic Braid

Make your braid more interesting and much more feminine and mature by adding a bit more body to your locks. Start by rolling damp hair in sections with Velcro rollers. Then blow dry. Next, use a comb to gently tease the hair at the crown of the head. Brush hair back and pull it to the side. Braid it down to the ends and secure with an elastic band.

You're Such a Tease

If you want big, bold, look-at-me hair, tease it a little more to make it super voluminous. Add mousse to wet tresses before putting hair up in Velcro rollers. Blast with a blow dryer. Once removed, part hair on the side and get to teasing. Finish off with a good spritz of hair spray. You control how big your hair is here. The more you tease, the larger your style.

Party Up Top

Try a teased up top look with refined, sleek hair on bottom. Blow dry damp hair with a round brush, brushing hair back and away from the face. Then, add a generous dose of flexible hair spray before applying Velcro rollers, rolling hair away from the face. Let rollers set for about 20 minutes. Remove rollers. Your hair will already have great volume at the crown so don't worry about teasing it.


Try a slight bouffant on half-up hair to really pump up the volume. Start by applying a volumizing cream to wet hair. Blow dry with a medium round brush. Then roll two-inch sections of hair in Velcro curlers and let them sit for about 10 minutes. Take a section of hair at the crown -- from about the mid-eye line to mid-eye line -- and tease it slightly. Then, gently brush it back and secure in place with a few bobby pins. Finish off with hair spray.

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