V-Shaped Haircuts for Long Hair


Your alphabet skills have never come in handier. Incorporating a V shape into your look offers you a few key benefits. Namely, a V-shaped haircut helps extend the life span of your 'do by allowing you more time in between trims, as opposed to a precise, sharply angled razor cut, one that thins out and tapers to the ends of your hair. This kind of conventional cut results in split ends developing more quickly and, thus, the need for a cut sooner. You actually have a few different styles of cut to choose from if you want to keep a lot of length and rock the "V" shape.

Soft Layers

With the V shape at the back, adding in soft layers around the back and sides creates a subtle, lightly lifted effect in your hair. The shortest layers should focus around your face, creating a framing aspect. Keep in mind that wherever you have layers added in -- albeit soft and subtle -- you'll get added lift. If you want more lift at the roots, focus some layers up top, or closer to the ends of your hair if the ends look quite fine and thinned out. Soft layers create a loose, relaxed effect in your hair.


For a true triangle shape haircut the hair at back is longest, angling along the sides to shorter pieces at the front. This sharply angled cut makes for a very dramatic and bold 'do. You can keep your hair whatever length you like, as long as you have that definition between the length of the hair at back and the hair at the sides to maintain the sharp "V" shape.

Inverted Triangle

With an inverted triangle cut, you still get the V-shaped haircut, only in this case the hair at the back of your head is shortest, getting longer around the sides with the very longest pieces right at the front on both sides. This angular cut works on all lengths of hair, whether you keep your hair cropped shorter into an angled bob, or longer.


A long, V-shaped haircut looks chic with a fringe incorporated into the cut, because it balances the angled shape at the back with some weight upfront. A set of thick, blunt bangs cut straight across your forehead is one option, or try a flirty sweeping fringe with bangs swept over to one side. Keep your fringe longer for more styling options -- with enough length you can even style it back with the rest of your hair into an updo -- or shorter and thinner for a softer look.

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