Using Hair Clips to Get Natural Waves

Get envy-worthy waves without breaking the bank.

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If you can slip a hair clip into your locks, you can effortlessly create natural-looking beach-babe waves. By using hairstyling tools that you can find at a beauty-supply store, you can avoid having to go through your mother’s stash of hair curlers -- even if you’re on a tight budget.

Duckbill Clips

The long metal clips that some hairstylists use to hold locks in place are known as "duckbill clips," and you can use them to create a head full of loose retro-style pin curls. After you apply hair gel throughout your wet locks, section the hair on your head into four separated parts. Then twist the hair in each section. Wrap individual sections of twisted hair around a couple of your fingers so the tresses form a coil, and secure the coil to your head with duckbill clips. Let your hair air-dry, or blow-dry until your locks are completely dry before you take out the clips. Then gently rake your fingers through the coiled hair to reveal va-va-voom waves. Set your style with a hairspray that offers a medium-to-strong hold.

Wave Clips

Wave clips look like three hair curlers that snap together in a square box. The beauty is that they are simpler and faster to use than hair curlers, and they leave you with large, luscious waves. The number of wave clips you need depends on the length of your hair, but you’ll need at least eight. After you apply a volumizing mousse or gel throughout your wet locks, divide your hair into four sections. To use a wave clip, simply clip it onto a section of hair, a few inches away from your scalp. Then place a second clip directly below the first on the same section of hair. If your hair is long enough, you can place a third clip onto the same section of hair. After all your locks are in wave clips, spray them lightly with hairspray. Place a diffuser attachment onto a hair dryer -- to prevent flyaways and frizz -- and dry your clipped tresses. After you remove the clips from your dry locks, shake your hair to loosen the waves and mist them again with hairspray to set the style.

Claw Clips

There are two different ways to achieve gorgeous waves with claw clips. The first is to use heated ceramic claw clips to add bounce to dry locks. The second is to use traditional plastic claw clips on wet locks -- perfect for a penny-pinching fashionista. To use the heated claw clips, coil medium-sized sections of dry hair around three fingers and place a heated claw clip on the coiled hair. After placing the set of heated clips all over your head, wait for the clips to cool down before you remove them. If you’re on a budget, distribute gel throughout your wet tresses, coil a medium-sized section of hair around three fingers and hold the hair in place with a traditional claw clip. After all your hair is in clips, blow-dry your tresses. When your hair is dry, release your locks from the clips and gently rake your fingers through your mane. Use a finishing spray to complete the look.

Metal Double-Prong Curl Clips

Double-prong curl clips are like duckbill clips but are shorter and have two prongs on the end. For a simple, no-fuss way to get big, loose waves in your hair that look natural, twist your wet hair up into a simple bun. If you want the waves to start higher on your head, place the bun near your crown. Secure the twisted hair with metal double-prong curl clips, which slip into your hair more easily than hairpins. Place a diffuser onto the end of your blow dryer to get your locks completely dry. Use a volumizing mousse to help set your 'do.

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