How to Use a V Shaped Makeup Brush

A V-shaped brush does double duty.

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Smoky eyes, apple-pink cheeks, contoured brows and sun-kissed features -- your face is a canvas, and when it’s time to apply an artist’s touch, you need an artist’s tools. When you’ve assembled the makeup colors you need, complete the palate by choosing from an arsenal of appropriate brushes. And if you’ve procured one of those V-shaped brushes but have no idea how to use it, give it a go on your cheeks and eyes. You'll know the brush by the distinctive shape the bristles make, as the bristle length tapers in toward the middle of the brush to form a distinctive "V."



Slide the V-shaped brush back and forth along the surface of the powder blush.


Tap the excess into the sink. When tapping, give the handle of the brush a gentle tap against the side of your opposite hand. If you tap the brush with the force you hammer a nail, you’ll force the makeup from the brush, leaving little to make dappled cheeks.


Smile big. As silly as you may feel staring back at yourself with that Cheshire grin, smiling presents you with pronounced cheeks indicating where you should apply the cheek color.


Place the V-shaped brush at the apple of your cheeks closet to your nose, centering the deep V at the center of your cheek.


Pull the brush toward your temple and repeat the motion several more times until you are satisfied with the color saturation on your cheeks.



Slide the brush along the surface of the eye shadow. Choose one of the darker colors in your palette, as the brush will help to highlight the eyelid crease as it defines your lid.


Tap the excess shadow into the sink.


Close one eye and pull that eyebrow toward your forehead and gently press your lips together in a line. As odd as your reflection looks, this facial contortion allows you to expose the fullness of your lid.


Place each tip of the brush along the outer crease and outer lid and gently drag the brush to the inner corner of the lid at both the crease and along the lash line.


Pull the brush back toward the outer crease without lifting the brush. Pull the brush away from the lid and assess your work to determine if you need to make another pass with the brush.

Things You'll Need


1.V-shaped brush

3.Eye shadow

2.Powder blush


Tips & Tricks


Don’t wait until minutes before that big date to experiment with a V-shaped brush. Test drive it in the days and weeks before to ensure that you have a master’s touch.

If you are using the same V-shaped brush for both your eyes and cheeks, tap the previous makeup from the brush vigorously -- it’s okay to use that hammer force to shake the makeup dust from your brush.

Wash your makeup brush with warm water and lay it flat to dry on a clean towel.


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