How to Use Two Combs to Do Finger Waves

Pixie Lott shows off her chic fingerwave style.

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Although trends may come and go during a fashionista's lifetime, some vintage looks are always in style. Just a hint of classic dress shapes, never-outdated outfits and timeless trifles, such as attractive retro accessories, can usually keep a girl in fashion's good graces. When it comes to hair, one ever-chic coif is the finger wave. There are a few different ways to make fabulous finger waves in your hair, each requiring a variety of hair-styling tools, but the only equipment you need to get this look in your locks is a pair of combs.


Dampen your hair and work a generous amount of setting lotion through it. Part your hair on the side, and comb it out so that the hair lays flat.


Press the first comb against the front section of hair, 1 inch away from the part, with the teeth against your scalp. Angle the handle of the comb away from the part if you like a less-uniform look. This comb will hold the wave in place.


Sweep the rest of the hair away from the part, using the second comb. This will create a ridge in the hair where the first comb is pressed.


Take both combs and place them on either side of the ridge. Press the combs against the ridge to make it more well-defined.


Move about 1 1/2 inches away from the ridge and create another ridge, using the same method but sweeping the hair in the opposite direction. Make ridges all the way around the head, in any finger-wave pattern you like.

Things You'll Need


1.Setting lotion

2.Rat-tail combs


Tips & Tricks


Smooth out the wave ridges with the straight side of the comb while your hair is still wet if you want a neater look.

Do not skip the setting lotion, especially if your hair is textured, because the style will not hold once the hair dries.


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