How to Use Twist Flex Curling Rods

Twist flex curling rods are also called spiral curlers or bendy rods.

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No one can blame you if you don't want to fry your locks with heated rollers or don hard plastic curlers that practically give you bruises when you sleep. Instead, you're one smart cookie if you opt for cushy flex curling rods. They bend every which way so you can roll and twist your hair without pins, clips or snags. Putting a group of these dreamy, foam-cushioned curlers near your scalp are akin to giving your head a group hug. These sassy little flexible sticks are just about the healthiest way to do up your 'do.


Choose a flex curling rod based on the level of curl you want to sport. Slim curling rods will give you tight tendrils; large foam rods will give you loose, beachy waves. For short hair, stick to thinner rods. Long-haired ladies can rock any size.


Section off a piece of hair, approximately 1-inch wide. Spritz with water, gel or styling lotion. The product and amount you use will give you different holds. For example, if your hair is pretty wet or you use a super-hold gel, you can expect a longer lasting hold -- provided you let your hair dry before removing the rods.


Hold the curling rod straight up. Start at the end of your hair and roll the ends at least once or twice around the rod to keep it secure. Roll the curling rod tightly and wrap the hair smoothly around the rod to the scalp. For spiral curls, roll the rod in a vertical position to your head, then wind it so the hair does not overlap in one spot but wraps along the length of the rod.


Twist or bend the rod in half when you have completely rolled the hair into the curling rod. This will keep the rod and hair in place until the hair dries. Repeat with other sections and various size rods around your head until you're finished curling your hair.


Let your hair air dry, blast it with a hair dryer or sit under a hood dryer for a few minutes. If you're using heat, let the hair cool down before removing the rods or your hair will fall limp.


Rake your fingers along the hair shaft behind the roller as you remove it to keep the curls separated. Leave them undisturbed for a few minutes to cool in place.


Shake your head to let your curls fly free. Spray them in place with a medium to firm holding spray.

Things You'll Need


1.Styling gel

3.Flexible curling rod

5.Medium-to-firm holding spray


4.Hair dryer


Tips & Tricks


For a different look, smooth your hair, then twist each small section from roots to scalp before wrapping it around the curling rod.


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