What to Use to Tone Down Brassy Blond Hair

Keep your blonde beautiful not brassy.

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Do blondes have more fun? Not when that beautiful blonde hue turns brassy. Banish brassy hair by using a hair toner or shampoo made specifically for the job. Then, maintain your freshly made over strands with products that will protect your color and keep it looking fresh, like you just stepped out of the salon.

Hair Toner

A hair toner is the thing you should use first and foremost to tone down brassy blonde hair. The hair toner hue you pick will depend on the undertones of your brassy hair. Look to the color wheel to help you pick out the proper toner color. You’ll want to determine what color your hair currently is (or is closest to). For example, brassy tones are usually red, orange or yellow. Then, find the opposite color on the color wheel. The opposite of orange is blue, opposite of yellow is violet and opposite of red is green. Use that opposite color to find a hair toner with that color as its base. Apply the hair toner as directed on the packaging and voila, your hair will now be neutralized to a more beautiful blonde.

Blue-Based Shampoo

It has been a few weeks since you last got highlights or color, and now your hair is turning a nasty shade of brass. Tone those unwanted hues down with a blue or violet-based shampoo. Shampooing with a blue or violet-based shampoo can help to keep brassy hair at bay just as a toner does. Use it in lieu of your regular shampoo once per week to keep your blonde looking as fresh as they day you walked out of the salon.


You can use haircolor to get rid of unwanted brassy tones just as you would a hair toner. Be sure you use a semi-permanent hair color (using the same guide to finding the perfect base shade as you used with finding a hair toner) that will counteract your current color, neutralizing it to a more perfect hue. Avoid using a permanent hair color, since this can alter your entire look, rather than just eliminating your brassy shades.


Keep your honey like hue bright and bold sans the brass with the proper maintenance. First things first, maintain your color more often than you think. Blonde hair color should be maintained every four to six weeks. Secondly, use shampoos, conditioners and styling products that were made to protect your tresses. Ones that say “color care” or “for color treated hair” on the label are the ones you’ll want to go for. Stay out of the sun or use sun protection. Sun fades color fast, so if you are a sun goddess, then be sure you don a hat or use hair product with SPF on those days you are outdoors for extended amounts of time.

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