What to Use to Thicken African-American Hair?


African-American hair is known for being naturally thick and curly; however, some individuals have a thinner grade of hair that can be both a blessing and a curse. Thinner hair may be more manageable, but it lacks the lush texture of thicker curls. However, before you go running to the nearest extension boutique, consider a few options to thicken up your natural locks so you can experiment with just about any funky fabulous style.

Vitamin E Supplement

If you want thicker, stronger hair and nails, you might want to start popping a vitamin E supplement daily. This is the secret weapon for pregnant women who take prenatal vitamins and end up with the best hair of their lives. The vitamin E reinforces the bond of your hair and helps to grow faster and stronger from the root. The end result? A head full of fabulously thick hair that you must now learn how to tame.


Biotin is another supplement that you can add to your daily regimen to strengthen your hair. It is naturally occurring in some foods; however, depending on your nutritional routine, you may not be ingesting enough, necessitating a daily supplement. Biotin aids in the natural hair-growth process, providing essential nutrients that will make your hair grow faster and come in thicker, resulting in a fuller head of hair.


One of the reasons you may have a thin head of locks is due to breakage. Frequent heat styling and product overload may have your hair breaking off in various places around your head, creating a thin and damaged look overall. Combat this by spending at least one hour weekly doing a deep-conditioning treatment on your hair. You can also put in a few extra minutes in the shower each day to condition your locks, leaving them stronger, healthier and less prone to breakage.

Additional Tips

The less you drag a brush through wet hair, the thicker it will be because you don't have so much breakage (wet hair is like elastic when wet, resulting in easily broken strands from the harsh bristles of the brush). You can invest in over-the-counter thickeners, but the results of these products are not guaranteed. Your best bet is the use of natural supplements and proper hair care to combat thinning. The result might just be the best hair of your life.

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