How to Use a Straight Edge Razor for Hair Cutting

Actress Celia Au sports the type spiky cut razors excel at creating.

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The good: you can make any cut with a straight edge razor you can make with scissors, so whatever look you want, it's achievable. The bad: using a razor requires some care and experience, so if you're a newbie you might want to practice on a mannequin first. Razors won't set you back more than about $10, and you can find them at any beauty supply store. For safety's sake, keep the blade guard on when you aren't using your straight edge razor.


Prep your hair: wash it, towel dry it and comb it the way you want it parted.


Pull back the razor cover to open the razor. The cover folds out to about 135 degrees.


Slip your thumb beside the razor just underneath i . Place your index and middle fingers on the top of the blade and slide your ring finger through the curved loop on the blade handle. This is the professional way to hold a razor.


Pick up 1 inch of hair. Hold your fingers just below the line you want to cut.


Bring the razor just above your fingers so the blade parallels the floor. Flick your wrist to cut hair with the razor. With this technique, use the entire razor blade.


Make all of your blunt cuts like this, with the razor held out straight. To add texture or movement, turn your wrist so the razor makes a 45 degree angle. Using the top 1/3 of the blade only, push into the section of hair to snip it.

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Work either from side to side or from top to bottom with the razor. For example, begin at the crown of your head and work down toward your neck.

Don't razor cut curly or wiry hair or overprocessed damage hair, as it's more prone to breakage.


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