How to Use Makeup to Cover a Bump on the Nose

With a little makeup, you can cover up a bump on your nose and feel more beautiful and confident.

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Women are all beautiful in their own way. You've got your rockin' confidence, but there may be something you're just not too fond of, like a bump on your nose. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars for plastic surgery; you can use makeup to get the fix you're after. Camouflage that bump on your nose and feel better about your gorgeous self.


With an applicator sponge, apply liquid foundation two shades darker than your skin down the center of your nose. Dab the foundation on a little bit at a time. It's better to use a little bit and have to make a couple of layers to get a natural look than to apply too much at once and look like a painting.


Dust powder all over your face with a powder brush, using just enough to lightly coat over the foundation and create a soft, matte look. This helps blend the foundation without smearing it, so you get the slimming of the bump on your nose you want while keeping a natural look.


Apply a highlighter shadow on top of your cheekbones and just a bit around your nostrils. This lightens your face and draws attention away from the bump on your nose.


Finish the rest of your look with any makeup you want.

Things You'll Need


1.Applicator sponge


5.Highlighter shadow


4.Powder brush


Tips & Tricks


When testing foundation, compare it to the color of your neck, not your face, so you don't end up with the dreaded mask effect.


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