How to Use a Lock & Styling Comb

Use a lock and styling comb to start the process of twisting your natural hair.

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Most dreads start as twigs, especially if you have short hair. In addition, the shorter the hair, the more difficult it is to create beginner dreads. That's where lock and styling combs come into play. If you want to start the dread-locking process, a lock and styling comb is essential. It is used to twist natural hair into coils, which can then be styled or re-twisted every few months to achieve dreads. It's a much better and less gross alternative to just not washing your hair.


Shampoo and condition your hair with your favorite products. Towel dry your hair to remove some of the moisture.


Section out a small piece of hair, then use a few duckbill clips to pin the hair around that section out of the way.


If you want to achieve temporary twists, rub a small amount of light to medium styling gel on your hair. If you want to achieve permanent twists use beeswax or a maximum hold locking gel.


Grab the comb by its handle and gently comb the gel from the root of the hair to the tip. Place the comb at the root of the hair, and then comb it down to the middle of the hair.


Twist the handle of the comb in a clockwise motion. This will start to twist the hair. As you are twisting the comb, slowly bring the comb downwards toward the end of the hair until there is no more hair left in the comb. The entire section of hair from the root to the tip will be twisted in a coil-like pattern.


Section out another small piece of hair right next to the area that you've just twisted and repeat the previous steps to twist the hair. Repeat the same procedure on the rest of your hair.

Things You'll Need




5.Styling gel or beeswax


4.Duckbill clips


Tips & Tricks


Cover your hair at night with a silk or satin head wrap until your twists or dreads have set. This will prevent them from becoming fuzzy and unraveling prematurely. If you are trying to achieve dreads, do not wet your hair for at least a month after the initial twists. Wetting your hair may cause the dreads to unravel prematurely.


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