How Do You Use Hot Rollers on Long Hair?

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Your mom got big hair with hot rollers while in high school. Other styling tools dethroned those curlers from their lofty perch, but don't write them off as too old school for your pretty little head. Hot rollers are the secret weapon behind those luscious long hairstyles rocked by so many "Cosmo" cover girls. They work on any hair texture whether straight, wavy or curly. Roll your long locks on hot curlers to get your own sexy hairstyle full of body and shine.


Apply leave-in conditioner to your shampooed tresses then dry with a blow dryer. If you have curly hair, straighten your hair with a round brush as you dry it. To add extra volume, flip your head forward and dry your roots in the opposite direction from how they usually fall.


Gather the hair on the sides of your head into two ponytails and secure with a holder. This leaves the top center and back sections of your hair ready to roll.


Hold up a 2-inch section of hair at your front hairline and place a hot roller at the ends. Roll your hair around the curler away from your face all the way to your scalp and secure it with a roller clip. Repeat this process until you sport a Mohawk section of rolled hair on curlers.


Release your side ponytails and continue to roll 2-inch sections of hair away from your face all the way to your scalp. For a more natural look, alternate the direction you roll your side sections between away and towards your face.


Mist your hair with setting spray for extra hold while it's still in the curlers. Leave the rollers in for 10 minutes or until they are cool to the touch. Unroll your hair starting with the curlers at the nape of your neck.


Allow your hair to cool completely before you style it or you will lose some of your volume, recommends New York City hairstylist Vincent Roppatte. Flip your head over again and run your fingers through your curls to create a sexy tousled mane of waves. Flip your head back up and give your head a shake to let your curls fall into place. Go rock your sizzling new look in your own close-ups.

Things You'll Need


1.Leave-in conditioner

3.Ponytail holders

5.Setting spray

2.Blow dryer

4.Large hot rollers


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