When to Use Dry Skin Brushing

Gently brushing your skin can help with detoxification.

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Dry skin brushing is a natural method of detoxification. It requires very little time and investment and there's almost no chance of negative side effects. Instead of heading to a pricey spa, you can invest in a single soft, natural-bristled brush and perform this luxurious treatment on your own at your leisure.


Dry skin brushing is most effective when performed right before a shower. Depending on your daily routine, this may mean getting up 15 minutes earlier to perform this ritual in the morning, or adding a little more time to your evening beauty regimen. Skin brushing removes dead skin cells and dirt from the skin. You may even want to do this while standing in the shower, so you can wash the debris down the drain afterwards. Begin at your feet and gently brush your skin in sweeping motions, heading toward your heart. Work all the way up your body in this manner. When you pass your heart and begin working on your arms and shoulders, brush downward so you're still working toward your heart.


Skin brushing is a soothing routine that can be performed daily. To get the best results, brush your skin once a day for several consecutive weeks. After a month or two you may start to notice visible improvement in your complexion or a remarkably better feeling of health and vitality. If your skin begins to feel irritated or raw, cease your skin brushing routine until your skin is no longer sensitive or sore to the touch.


Brushing your skin is typically a very safe method for detoxification. However, there are some situations in which you should not use this type of brushing. If you have any type of wound, cut, bruise or other skin irritation, do not brush that area of your skin. If the issue is localized, it's still safe to brush around the area. Only brush your skin long enough to give your skin a fresh, tingling feeling. It may get a little pink, but should not become red -- this is an indication that you've been brushing too hard or too long.


Skin brushing is purported to increase blood circulation and promote an active lymphatic system. In turn, this should help remove toxins from the body. Brushing exfoliates and refreshes the skin as well. After a dedicated dry skin brushing regimen, your skin will look younger and fresher. It may even reduce cellulite and help promote weight loss.

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