What to Use to Clean a Pandora Bracelet


The same thing that makes Pandora bracelets so fun to wear makes them kind of tough to clean. There are just so many details to each piece! Since the Dutch-made jewelry is custom-assembled according to whatever silver or gold charms and stones you find most meaningful, you definitely want to protect your trinkets with regular cleaning. Cleaning sterling silver or gold is usually a cinch, but Pandora jewelry requires a special touch.

Cleaning Cloth

Bejeweled ladies should always keep a cleaning cloth handy. Jewelry cloths are made of a soft microfiber and can be used on any piece you own. When you take off your Pandora bracelet, rub the cloth over the piece before putting it away for the night. Be sure to lightly rub over all the facets or sides of each charm. Clean the surface and around the setting of gemstones, too, so the light can make them sparkly in the morning. Avoid cloths that have polish on them, and don't use chemicals.


If you wear your Pandora pieces everyday--and so many women do, because of their sentimental value--a more thorough cleaning once weekly is a good idea. Squirt a very gentle liquid hand soap into warm water and swish your jewelry around for just a few seconds. Rinse your pieces off in cold water and dry them thoroughly with a paper or cotton towel.


You're probably pretty careful with such beautiful jewelry, but even the most cautious gal can dirty up her bling getting into a little mischief every now and then. Pandora bracelets have lots of texture to them, so cleaning into the crevices will keep them shining. Scrub your bracelet very gently with a wet toothbrush to loosen dirt and then rinse your bracelet in cool water. Dry it thoroughly before putting it on or away.

Don't Use Chemicals

Jewelry polish and other chemicals are a no-no for Pandora bracelets. Even though sterling silver, gold and gemstones can withstand the chemical abrasion of liquid jewelry cleaners, dish detergent and traditional jewelry polish, Pandora bracelets aren't going to withstand the harshness. Many of the trinkets and charms have additional details, including filled engraving or pearls, that should never be exposed to chemicals. if your bracelet is oxidized silver, you may run into discoloration, too.

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