How to Use Bra Inserts

Bra inserts boost your natural curves.

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Big, perky breasts are one thing most women desire. Admit it, the ability to fill out whatever shirt or bikini you put on would be a dream come true. But, for those A-cuppers, that dream will never be a reality, at least not naturally. Bra inserts are a simple, affordable way to plump up your rack without the risks of invasive surgery. So, grab a set of inserts and give the world an eyeful!


Find a bra that fits! Many women wear the wrong size bra, and it can leave your girls looking less-than-perky. Head down to your fave department store and ask one of their lingerie associates to fit you for a new bra.


Choose the right type of pad for your breasts. If your bust just needs a lift, a pair of crescent-shaped pads designed to go under your breasts work wonders. If your right girl is a little bigger than your left lady, then a full breast pad will even out your shape. For overall larger-looking breasts, full silicon bra inserts nestle around your breasts, giving you're the full, curvy shape you desire.


Tear two strips of double-sided tape from the roll and peel the backing from one side of the tape. Lay your new bra on a flat surface, and press the tape against the bottom of the bra cup. Set the inserts in the cup, pressing them down against the tape.


Put the bra on and lean forward, nestling your breasts on top of the inserts. Stand up straight and pull the edge of the bra cup up to cover your breasts. Adjust your girls until they look nice and perky and examine your newly-boosted bust line in the mirror before heading out the door.

Things You'll Need


1.Double-sided tape


Tips & Tricks


Bra inserts are available online and at many of your favorite department and lingerie stores.

Replace the tape each time you wear the inserts for maximum stability and control.


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