How to Use Andis Combs With the Clippers


It takes an experienced, steady hand to give an even haircut, but clipper combs make the job nearly foolproof. Andis clippers are popular with hair-style divas, and make a number of combs to prevent too-short snip jobs. Clipper combs may seem bulky and unnecessary, but after a few cuts with a comb-covered set of clippers, you’ll never want to cut hair without them.


Pick your combs. Andis combs are sized by how long they leave the hair, and will have the number printed on the size of the guard. If you’re looking for a close-cropped 'do, a 1/8-inch guard is perfect for the job. For longer styles, pick up a 1-inch comb.


Clean your clippers before getting your cut on. Brush old hair from the blades with a stiff clipper cleaning brush, and dab a few drops of clipper oil at the top of the teeth. Flip the switch to the “On” position and let the clippers run for a few seconds to distribute the oil, then turn the clippers off and wipe up excess oil.


Clip the comb onto the blades. Turn the clippers over so you can see the entire back side of the blades. Line up the cup-like indentation along the rounded edge at the bottom of the blade and press with all your might until you hear a loud click. Andis combs should fit tight against the blade without wiggling or shifting.


Flip the clippers right-side up and cut the hair. Pull long strands from the comb every few seconds to keep the blades clipping smoothly, and take a short break every 10 minutes to give the clippers a chance to cool off. If they’re still hot after your break, spray with a little cooling lubricant to control the heat.


Push down firmly on the top of the comb to pop it off at the end of the haircut. Drop the comb in a sink of warm soapy water to wash off clingy hair and lube, and dry thoroughly before putting the Andis combs away.

Things You'll Need


1.Clipper oil

2.Blade cooling lubricant


Tips & Tricks


If you’re not sure what size comb you need, hold it against the head with the pointy edge of the teeth touching the scalp. Pull the hair up against the guard to see how long the hair will be after cutting.


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