Unique Ways to Dye Your Hair

Rihanna sports bright red hair at a performance in Los Angeles, California.

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Bold hair color can make a fashion statement all by its lonesome -- without the need for fancy frocks or funky makeup. Feel free to take inspiration from your favorite “It-girl,” as there are a ton of options to choose from depending on your level of commitment and color saturation. A few well-placed highlights can be a conversation piece, while an entire head of crayon-colored tresses can be a declaration of your rebellion.

Pastel Lights

For a softer, feminine take on hair dye, you can always choose to incorporate a pastel color into your tresses. A muted peach or baby pink can blend seamlessly into blond or light auburn hair -- a style sported by the likes of Lauren Conrad. Pastel colors can also work for darker hair, though the contrast of baby blue in deep brown or black locks can be quite startling. The pale floral tones can be applied under the bangs or at the neck’s nape, for an alluring peek-a-boo effect.

Neon Streaks

When it comes to bright color, neon is the go-to color for an eye-catching dye job. The hues work well with neo-punk styles, as chunky pieces of bright color can really accentuate choppy layers. For an asymmetrical pixie or funky faux hawk, neon streaks can be placed along the side, around the temple area or intimately through the crown to emphasize the dramatic cut. For longer styles streaks can be dyed around the perimeter of the head or strategically placed with hair extensions.

Spunky Bright

Hayley Williams of the music group Paramore, has become one of the poster children for bright hair color, known for dyeing her shoulder-grazing hair in many crayonesque hues. Bold and without a natural-colored lock in sight, the singer’s hair is known for being bright red, which can run the spectrum between fiery orange to deep crimson. And Williams is not the only entertainer to embrace intense colored tresses, as Rihanna and Katy Perry have also been known to jump on the prismatic color bandwagon.

Deep Dip

Sometimes the whole head might seem too much of a commitment. After all, tips are easier to lop off if you get tired of the color. For this reason, dyeing the lock’s ends -- anywhere from three to five inches – can be rebellious, in one of the safest ways possible. Drew Barrymore was one such celeb to take the dip, dyeing the tips of her blond hair a flat black color. Other options can range from deep chocolate to navy blue -- depending on how exotic you feel like going.

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