What Underwear to Wear for a Bikini Wax

A good bikini wax is an essential summer accessory.

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Most beauticians and waxing salons will provide disposable underwear to wear when having a bikini wax. That's always the best option, as there's no risk of damaging your own underwear. But in the event you can't or don't want to wear the salon's underwear, here is what you should be wearing.

Wear Something Comfortable

Bikini waxes are pretty uncomfortable, so choose underwear that isn't going to make the situation even more so. You'll want a pair of panties that aren't too tight and that are quite stretchy -- the waxer will be stretching them around a bit to wax certain areas.

Wear Skimpy Underwear

This isn't the time to be wearing high-waisted panties or boy shorts. When you're getting a bikini wax, you'll need underwear that allows the beautician access to the areas that most "larger" underwear will hide. A thong or pair of skimpy, low-waisted panties are best, plus the beautician will then know how much to remove from your bikini line.

Wear Cotton

Your skin will feel quite sensitive after a wax, so make sure to wear cotton underwear. This will reduce the chance of irritation and will allow your skin to breathe once you've left the salon. Avoid synthetic fabrics against your newly waxed skin!

Wear Panties You Can Easily Wash

This most definitely isn't the time to impress your beautician with your fanciest, handwash-only underwear. Chances are, you'll get wax on your panties during a waxing, and you'll most certainly get cream or talc powder on them, depending on what the beautician applies after the procedure. You'll want to take them home and throw them in the wash, so choose underwear that's easy to wash. There's a chance you might stain them -- some wax is colored -- so make sure to wear a pair you don't mind throwing away, if you have to!

If You Are Getting a Brazilian or a Hollywood Wax

Then forget the underwear! The only way to get a proper Brazilian or Hollywood wax is to take your panties off and be ready for some serious pain!

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