Types of Perms for Caucasian People's Hair

A perm can give you curls like Christina Aguilera’s.

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Getting a perm in your hair can completely change your image. Before you go asking for a perm, however, keep in mind that different cultures use the word "perm" differently. Where many African American ladies use the term "perm" to refer to relaxers that get rid of curls, a Caucasian women typically means that she wants to add more curl to her mane. Various types of perms exist that can give you curl-loving gals the kind of body and volume you crave.

Body Perms

Just as the name implies, a body perm gives your hair more body, volume, fullness and movement. This type of perm is a great choice if you want a natural-looking, all-over lift without a whole lot of curls. Body perms are designed to give you loose, sexy waves instead of tightly coiled ringlets. The size of your curls depends directly on the size of the rollers used during the perming process. If you want really loose, luscious waves, then have your hairdresser use really large rollers. According to the Bella Capellis salon website, body perms are a great choice if you have a square-shaped face.

Root Perms

If you need a little volume just in your root area, a root perm may be the right choice for you. Root perms add a bit of lift just to your root area without creating any real curls. This type of perm gives you a boost of volume that lasts from several weeks to several months. According to the Bella Capellis website, root perms work great on shorter hair lengths and look wonderful on ladies with heart-shaped faces. The Sally Beauty Supply website adds that a root perm may be a good choice for you if you just want to treat the new hair growth on your previously permed locks.

Spiral Perms

The La' Riviera Salon recommends a spiral perm to those of you who desire a head full of beautiful, romantic curls. Spiral perms not only make your hair look much thicker and fuller, but also they can be worn by females of all ages. Spiral perms require special rollers that have spiral lines on them. Your hairdresser wraps your hair around the rods in candy cane-like style. The result is a mane of corkscrew-like curls. Bella Capellis suggests trying a spiral perm if you have an oval-shaped face and really love curls.

Rod to Roller Perms

A rod to roller perm, also called a transfer perm, is a two-step perming process that gives you large, luscious curls. This type of perm often works well on those of you who don't hold body perms well but still crave that extra volume. During the first perming process, your hairdresser wraps your hair around small rollers to create waves. After rinsing out the perming solution, your hairdresser will unwrap the rollers and rewind your hair around larger rollers. The result is fantastic, big waves with a whole lot of staying power. The Hairfinder website warns you not to try this type of perm if you have damaged, stressed or fragile hair. The chemicals in the two-step perming process will likely be too harsh for your hair to handle.

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