The Best Type of Underwear to Wear Under Jeans for Women

Low-rise jeans require low-rise underwear.

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Don’t let the thick material for jeans fool you -- you can still get visible panty lines or just visible panties when you wear jeans. Since you don’t want the general public staring at your unmentionables, it’s important to choose the right underwear underneath your jeans. From no-show low-rise panties to a nude thong, there’s a right underwear choice for your favorite jeans.


Sometimes low-rise jeans can dip so low you see your panties and you’re not even bending down. When you are wearing super-low jeans, choose a panty that moves with you and is low enough to where it won’t show should you need to bend down to pick something up. Look for a panty that’s labeled “low-rise” to “very low-rise.” In addition to being cut a little lower, these jeans also tend to have a curve in the back and front, which helps to keep your underwear from showing if you do happen to be in a crouched position.


Whether your jeans of choice are skinny jeans or flared and loose, there is a good rule of thumb to follow for panties: keep them in a seamless material. Seamless panties are made with microfiber materials that won’t bunch and have edges that lie flat against your skin. Thanks to seamless panties, you can for the most part get away with wearing either thongs or boy shorts that help to prevent visible panty lines underneath your jeans.

White Jeans

In the summer, there’s nothing crisper than a pair of white jeans. The only catch is that visible panty lines can abound in white jeans. Since you can definitely see all underneath a pair of white jeans, it’s a good idea to choose a nude panty. Choosing a seamless style, whether full coverage or thong, also can help conceal your underwear, leaving the focus only on your outfit. Don’t be tempted to wear white underwear under white jeans, warns Stacy London, the host of TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” in an interview with The contrast is still enough to where your panties will be visible.

Have a Little Fun

Providing you aren’t wearing white- or light-colored jeans, it’s OK to choose underwear that’s a little fun in the color or pattern department. While people might see your panty lines, they won’t see if your panties are polka-dotted, stripes or have a stretch lace band. Since jeans can have an industrial feel, feminine panties can be a fun balance.

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