What Type of Clothing Should You Wear With Short Hairstyles?

Patricia Heaton at the Critic's Choice Television Awards looks stunning with short hair.

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Here's a powerfully feminine scene: a thin, beautiful woman strolling out of the ocean in a skimpy bathing suit, shaking the water out of her long, gorgeous hair. You've probably never watched this scene with a short-haired actress -- and that's not because short hair isn't beautiful. Short hair is easy to manage, practical, chic and smart, but it's often less feminine than long, luxurious hair. The best outfits to wear with a short haircut are those that are completely womanly.

For the Workplace

The office is one place where it's great for a woman to show her take-charge abilities. Your boss wants to know that you are capable, reliable and worthy of keeping on board, so definitely dress to impress and show him that you're serious. On the other hand, a woman with short hair tends to look more responsible, serious and powerful than a woman with long hair, just by nature of her cut. A short, no-frills haircut seems to imply a matching personality, whether it's true or not. To avoid scaring everyone in the office away, dress up your look with floral patterned skirts, statement necklaces, funky heels and pretty dresses. Everything can be office appropriate and still carry a feminine touch.

For the Weekends

When you're relaxing on the weekends, you don't want to have to worry about getting dressed up. In fact, you might have chosen a short haircut for just that reason: you're looking to spend less time on your looks. Don't make yourself crazy, but do look for comfy and cozy weekend pieces that have small touches of femininity. Just like in the office, a woman with short hair at the grocery store, post office or movie theater might be mistaken as tougher than she is if her outfit is a no-nonsense T-shirt and jeans look. Choose a matching velour jumpsuit in a pretty light blue with rhinestones or a lacy top paired with trendy, fitted jeans. Instead of a pair of sneakers or gym shoes, add a touch of girliness with ballet flats or sequined sandals; just as easy to slip on and way more feminine.

For a Formal Occasion

Women's formal wear is pretty feminine across the board -- it's hard to find a manly ballgown dress. If you're headed to a wedding, formal holiday party or black tie dinner, look for an elegant, beautiful dress that shows off your great feminine figure. Short-haired women could easily pull off a simple strapless, knee-length dress by looking effortlessly chic or a long and poufy floor-length ballgown by looking glamorously sophisticated. As long as the outfit isn't too plain, straight or boring, chances are you're good to go. Formal looks to avoid when your hair is short? A pants suit, which will cause you to blend in more with the guys than the gals.

For Lunch with the Ladies

When heading out on the town with your friends or meeting Mom and Dad for a Sunday brunch, there are a huge variety of choices for a short-haired lady. A ruffled blouse with a simple cardigan, a frilly sundress and an embellished T-shirt with dressy pants all work to make you look amazingly put together. When the outfit is flattering and fitted, the short hair will make it seem like you just hopped out of bed looking great. Do yourself a favor and don't tell anyone the amount of time it actually took you to get ready. A simple brush through your hair with your hand and a "Yeah, this was just lying around," will inspire all your gal pals to go under the scissors, too.

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