How to Do the Two String Twist on Hair

Two-string twists are a braid staple for sleek locks.

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Two-string twists take a bit of time to put in, but they ensure you don't have a bad hair day for weeks! This style twists two sections of hair over and under to form a two-strand braid. You can wash locks in this style without worrying about your look unraveling. Twists are totally customizable, as you can twist ribbon into the style or vary the size of twists for a look you own.


Wash and condition your mane pre-twist. After the shower, blot out the extra water in your hair with a towel. You want damp locks when you twist, not sopping.


Create a small rectangle with the bottom 3/4 inch of hair, just by the nape of your neck. Use your comb to section the hair. Pin everything above this line up with hair clips. Then take a 3/4-inch wide section at the bottom left or right, near your ear. You'll work this real estate first and then move over.


Mist the square with a spray bottle to dampen it. If your 'do is still wet, skip this step but mist locks that feel dry as you work your way through the twists.


Part your square into two sections on the diagonal. Taking one of those sections, begin twisting the sections over and under just like they were two pieces of string.


Continue twisting until you get to the end, and then use a mini hair elastic to secure the lock.


Two-string twist the next 3/4 inch of hair the same way to get two twists. Work your way across this bottom row, ending up with four to five two-string twists.


Let down another 3/4-inch section of hair. Separate it out into small squares and twist each one.


Work up toward your crown like this. When you get to the crown, think about how you want to part your hair. Try on the side, in the center or just push all the locks back. However you want to play it, put a part in using your comb.


Two-string twist the front of your hair using the same technique. Work one side of the part first, then the other. If there's no part because you're pushing your locks back, work it the same way you've been doing.

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5.Mini hair elastics




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Try the twist out, a variation on the two-string twist that gives hair texture and volume. For this look, do a two-string twist on damp locks. Next, blow your locks dry or sit under a hood dryer for 45 minutes. Remove the twists when your mane dries to reveal crinkly hair.


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