How to Twist Hair to the Scalp

Take random daydream hair twisting to a new level with a flirty twisted hairstyle.

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Twisted hairstyles are quick and easy to do, and they can be incorporated into an array of styles. Twisting hair to the scalp can be tricky. This isn't a dance you learn in a diner with a poodle skirt. For proper, polished twists, you need to make the most of those fingers and twist sections of hair as close to your scalp as possible; otherwise, your twisted style will fall flat.


Brush through your hair, to get rid of knots and smooth it out as much as you can. This is important, to ensure your twists turn out polished and not messy. Get brushing!


Take a small section of hair about 1-inch wide from the side of your head, just above your ear. Hold the section of hair in your fingers, separate it in half, and begin twisting the two pieces around each other. Hold the hair firmly against your scalp as you create a tight twist. You should be twisting it tight enough that you feel a slight strain from your hair pulling, but don't hurt yourself!


Continue twisting down the length of hair, keeping the width of the section as even as possible as you go. Secure the ends of the twist with a hair tie. You can also braid the last inch or so of the hair, for a decorative look. Wrap a hair tie around the ends.


Repeat this twisting method on the rest of your hair. Finish the look by spraying only a bit of hairspray. You want to set the twists and give them some hold with the hairspray, to prevent them from coming loose. However, you don't want a hard, sticky style.

Things You'll Need


1.Hair brush


2.Hair ties


Tips & Tricks


Adding hair gel or butter before twisting can help to smooth the hair and make the process easier for you. Just make sure you use a store-bought hair butter product and save the butter in your cupboard for your toast.

If you want to keep your twists in place for a few days, try wearing a silk or satin head scarf over your hair at night.

Spraying hair lightly with water as you create your twists, if your hair is very dry.


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