How to Turn a Sweatshirt Into a Jacket


Sometimes you look in your closet and feel like you've got nothing to wear. What you may not realize is that your old clothing is just begging you to give it a makeover, DIY style. Take an old sweatshirt and turn it into a stylish new jacket. Give it three-quarter sleeves and a cropped length, and your jacket will be ready for anything. You need basic sewing skills, but if you can seam a straight line you can turn a sweatshirt into a jacket in an afternoon.


Get rid of your excess baggage: in this case, those confining cuffs and hems on your sweatshirt. Cut off the bottom hem, the collar and the sleeve cuffs of the sweatshirt. Pull it on and see if you like where the sleeves are and where the hem lands. If so, keep it the way it is. If not, take it off and cut off some more length in these areas. Remember to leave a little extra to make a hem.


Lay the sweatshirt out flat and cut a straight line up the front center of the shirt. This is what will turn your pullover into a jacket; if you want to go for the rough look, keep it as it is and wear it now. For a more polished style, keep working.


Turn in the hems on the collar, bottom hem, sleeves and center cut area by 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Pin them in place all around the sweater and then sew a straight seam across these sections to secure the hems. Remember while you're sewing that sweatshirt material can be a little stretchy and bulky, so take your time and hold the material as steady as you can while you feed it through the machine.


Try on your jacket and wear it on the town. No one will know it once had a former life as a pullover sweatshirt, but you'll have the satisfaction of wearing a one-of-a-kind garment from a trendy new fashion designer: you!

Things You'll Need



3.Straight pins


4.Sewing machine and thread


Tips & Tricks


Jazz up your jacket by embroidering on the hems, sewing patches to the back or adding a zipper or buttons to the front.


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