How to Turn a Strapless Bra into a Halter Bra

Strapless bras are easily converted into halters for added support.

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Strapless bras are wonderful in theory; a secret weapon for any girl needing a little support under that super cute strapless little dress you picked up on a whim. The reality is, even the best bras can't fight the laws of gravity and a bra that rides low is just as uncomfortable as one that's as tight as a corset. If your outfit allows it, any help from above is definitely appreciated. If you're wearing a top or dress with a halter neckline, no need to be shimmying all night in an uncomfortable strapless bra; convert yours into a halter bra instead.


Nowadays most strapless bras are sold as convertible bras. That means they were designed with many different styling options in mind. If your bra is a convertible one, it will have tiny loops sewn on the inside and would have been sold with extra straps with removable hooks. Check the inside of your bra, and if this is the case you'll have a halter bra in no time! Simply take one of the included straps and adjust the length so that it loops comfortably around your neck and meets the loops at the front of the bra. Hook the removable clasps into the small fabric loops and your halter bra is ready.


To create a halter bra out of a non-convertible strapless bra, take the long bra strap and loop it over your neck and line up each end where the natural bra strap would sit at the front bust. Mark with chalk on the inside of the bra.


Pin each end of the strap in place. Using a thread color that matches the bra, stitch the bra strap in place, sewing through all layers of the bra cup. Be sure to back tack your stitching line, as a great deal of strain will be on this area. For added security, stitch a small rectangle to secure the strap in place.


Adjust the strap to the proper length, and your strapless bra is now transformed into a halter bra.

Things You'll Need


1.Strapless bra

3.Sewing machine (or needle and thread)

2.Extra long adjustable bra strap


Tips & Tricks


For variations on halter neck line shapes, you may want to adjust the positioning of the strap at the front. You can position it so that it's touching at the center front or anywhere in between the natural bra strap points and center front. You can also change your bra into a convertible bra by sewing in tiny loops to the inside of the bra and adding removable hooks to the end of the bra strap.


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