How to Turn a Pair of Pants Into a Skirt

Dig out your sewing basket and make DIY style when you turn a pair of pants into a skirt.

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It's hard to let go of your beloved fashion pieces, whether it's your first pair of designer jeans that has been shrunk too many times in the dryer or a pair of corduroy bootcuts you wore on your first date with your fiancee. If you have basic sewing skills, you don't have to bid good-bye to those pants; make them into something new instead. Gear up that sewing machine, and learn how to turn a pair of pants into a skirt to begin a new love affair with an old fashion flame.


Grab those old pants, and turn them inside out. Measure up from the hem of each leg, and mark with a fabric marker or pen the spot where you want the hem of your new skirt to be. Add an extra 2 inches to this measurement to help you make the hem later and give you some wiggle room in case your original hem is scandalously short. Just like cutting your bangs, it's always easier to cut off more later than it is to add length back. Cut the pants off at the marks with a pair of scissors.


Dig out your seam ripper, and tear out the inner leg seams of your pants. Start at the crotch area, and move down each leg, then open up the seams and flatten them out. Be careful not to stab too hard and make holes in the fabric with the tip of your seam ripper.


Flatten out the seams of the pants, and overlap them in the front by about 1/2 inch. Pin the front panel of the skirt in place with a line of straight pins going over this overlapped fabric. Repeat this process on the back side; in this case, you may have extra fabric from the crotch area of the pants. Simply pin the edges together where they overlap, and you can cut off the extra fabric later.


Use your sewing machine to sew the seams you just created in the front and the back. Start at the hem of the skirt, and move up toward the crotch; reinforce the seams by going back and forth over the areas at the very top and bottom of your pinned fabric sections. The last thing you want is to bust out of your skirt on the street because you sewed weak seams.


Turn the skirt right side out, and try it on. It should hug your body like a pencil skirt; you can decide now how long or short you really want to go with it. If you'd like a longer skirt, leave it as is, or hem the bottom only slightly. If you want it to be a short micro mini, mark the skirt where you'd like it to end, and then cut off the extra fabric and hem accordingly. To sew the hem, take off the skirt, fold the bottom edge up and inside the skirt by 1/2 inch to 1 inch and pin in place. Then sew a straight seam all around this folded edge to secure it.

Things You'll Need



3.Fabric marker or pen

5.Seam ripper

7.Sewing machine and thread

2.Tape measure


6.Straight pins


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