How Do I Turn My Gray Hair to Golden Blond?

Overall blond, natural or blond highlights, the choice is yours.

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No, you can't wash that gray right out of your hair, but you can get rid of every last strand of it with a quick and easy dye job. Just slap some color on your head and transform your gray to golden blond in only 30 minutes. There's no reason to let your wisdom shine and peak through that snazzy new cut. Look as young as you feel. You paint your face, now it's time to start painting your hair. Let's color!


Pour 2 ounces color and 2 ounces color developer into the color bottle. Put the lid on the bottle, and shake to mix. Put on the gloves.


Apply the mixed color to your clean, dry hair from root to tip. Part the hair off into small 1/2-inch thick sections with the tip of the color bottle. Squeeze the color onto the section of hair, and work the color into the hair with your fingertips. Continue applying color until all your hair looks wet and saturated with the color. If you spot dry sections, go back and slap some more color on it.


Set a timer for 30 minutes for hair that is 50 percent gray. For hair that is 50 percent or more gray, set the timer for 40 minutes.


Rinse your hair with warm water until the water runs clear. Shampoo your hair twice. Condition and towel dry.

Things You'll Need


1.Color bottle

3.20-volume (strength) color developer



2.Golden blond hair color (your choice)





Tips & Tricks


Set that timer for 40 to 45 minutes for coarse, stubborn hair. The added time allows your hair to absorb and grab onto the color better. Adding more time will not make your color go darker. So leave it on when you're in doubt.

Hair color causes an allergic reaction in some people. If you are a color virgin, place a little dab of mixed color behind your ear. Wait 24 hours and check for signs of allergy before coloring your hair.


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