How to Turn Golden Blond Hair to Ash Blond

Take that yellow out of your hair and go for a sexy ash blonde.

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Not loving your Goldie Locks look? No problem. With a little color correction, you can banish that gold in lieu of a tamer, ash-toned blond. What you need to get your new ashy locks will depend on how dark your current golden-blond hair is. The darkness level of your current hair color will determine which underlying tones you need to scare off, so make sure you know what you need, or you could end up with something much worse than gold.


Find out what level of blond you currently have. If you're a level eight or lighter, choose a neutral blond hair color and violet drabber to do the job. If you have a blond hair color that's level six or seven, you'll need to use an ash-blond hair color.


Mix up a batch of the blond hair color with 20-volume developer. The blond color you use should be the same level of color as the golden blond you have, unless you want to go much darker. Be warned, though; with the removal of the golden tones, your new blond hair color will likely look darker all on its own.


Section the hair into four equal sections. Part the hair, down the middle, from front to back. Part it again from ear tip to ear tip. Use clips to separate and hold each section. Now's a good time to put the protective gloves on, lest you ruin that manicure with hair color.


Let down one of the front sections and begin applying the blond hair color a 1/2-inch from the roots to two inches shy of the ends. This is called a virgin application, and it's the way to go if you're coloring hair that has never been colored before or applying a new color over an existing one where no regrowth exists.


Continue applying the hair color to the mid-shaft of that section of hair. When you're done with that section, repeat the same process for each of the remaining three sections.


Immediately after all the mid-shaft sections have had their color applied, go back, beginning at the section where you started. Apply the color to the naked roots and ends. Color the roots of each section in the same sequence as you colored the mid-shafts.


Set a timer for 30 minutes and let the hair color evict those unwanted yellow tones. When the timer rings its little bell, rinse all the color out. Apply a conditioner meant for colored hair to seal the deal and rinse. You may now revel in your newly colored locks.

Things You'll Need


1.Blonde hair color

3.violet drabber (optional)

5.Latex gloves


2.20-volume developer

4.Hair clips



Tips & Tricks


The virgin hair application technique prevents the hair color at the roots from developing faster than the rest of the hair, due to the heat coming off your scalp. Waiting to put the color on the ends ensures that this hair, which is oldest and tends to be more porous, from getting ahead of the game as well.

If you can't find a violet based hair color, use a neutral blond hair color and add an inch or two of a violet drabber, depending on how much gold is in your hair.

If your hair is level six or seven, you'll need the ash-blond to cancel out the orange tones. If you have a level eight or above, you need the violet to cancel the yellow tones present.

If your ends are very dry and damaged, it may take them less time to tone the yellow out. If you're in doubt, wait five minutes after applying the color to the roots, before applying it to the ends.


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