How to Trim Bangs With Thinning Scissors

Thinning scissors remove bulk to create looser bangs, as seen on Lexie Dreyfus.

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Thinning your bangs helps you avoid the severity of the full frontal fringe look. Thinned bangs have texture, movement and a piecey or chunky look that adds feminine spunk to your look. Thinning scissors work well for straight or wavy hair; curly-haired ladies can end up sometimes with a triangle shape when thinning. If this happens, thin a little more to undo the puffy triangle. All styles of bangs can be thinned, from a short Betty fringe to long side bangs.


Spritz your bangs with a spray bottle, then run a comb through them. Now they're ready to be cut.


Hold bangs between your index and middle finger to create some room between the forehead and bangs.


Slide scissors into the hair at the desired length. Snip the scissors closed to cut the bangs short. Thinning shears remove a portion of the hair, so if you're cutting the bangs for length, use regular hair-cutting scissors first.


Take the hair between your index and middle finger again.


Pick up thinning scissors and slide them into the hair at a 30- to 45-degree angle. The smaller angle gives you shorter, more rounded cuts while the 45-degree angle gives sharper points.


Snip the scissors closed to create texture in the bangs. Work your way across the bangs with the thinning scissors, making snips to create layers and choppiness in your bangs.

Things You'll Need


1.Spray bottle

3.Hair-cutting scissors


4.Thinning scissors


Tips & Tricks


Fine hair can look too thin with thinning shears, so ladies with fine hair should avoid this style.

Don't over-thin or you risk having stringy-looking bangs. Thinning scissors should be used only every third cut.


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