Triangular Hairstyles for Women

A triangular cut can freshen up your look.

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The sound of "triangular haircut" might bring sci-fi flicks to mind, but the results are not quite so alien. Your stylist knows how to cut triangular layers for a style with the dazzle and drama you desire. "Triangular" describes the shape of the layers, and if they fall the way they're supposed to, your coif will be stylish and sexy rather than spaced out.

Triangular Graduations

The angle of your cut helps determine whether it's fresh and funky or more sophisticated. A triangular shape with minimal layers looks neat and has a bit of versatility, but with graduated layers you can keep your 'do conservative or add some gel and tousle it to go wild. Your stylist forms the layers in a triangular shape, starting in the center at the back of your head. The higher the angle, the more layers you'll have.

One-Length Triangular

A one-length triangular style might be the simplest, but it's also the sleekest. Your stylist starts at the back, with a minimal angle running down to the front. The layers in each section are all the same length, so the style doesn't appear to be layered at all. However, this 'do actually is cut in layers, resulting in a slight angle at the bottom to give your hair fullness and body. With your hair longer in front, this triangular cut gives your tresses a sexy swing.

Triangular Bob

Things get a little more quirky with the triangular bob. The cut has a greater angle, and if you want to get really funky, your stylist can cut in layers at the bottom below your bob, for a two-tiered effect. You can brush and blow it down or curl and muss it up for a modern spin on the classic bob cut.

Triangular Layers

Think of this cut as turning the bob on its head. Your hair will come down in the front like a bob, but graduated layers will run high up the back of your head in a nice triangular shape for amazing maximum volume. Once again, you can style this cut straight down, or gel up the back and tousle it for a night on the town.

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