About The Triangle Body Shape

Flatter your triangle shape with the right cut of clothing and color placement.

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Having a body that's shaped like a triangle may not sound very appealing, but as far as feminine shapes go, it's definitely quite common. Often called a pear, this curvy body type is one that requires a little know-how to keep it looking its shapely best. But if all this talk of shapes and fruit has you confused, you might not understand what it means to have this type of body shape and how to optimally dress your curves.

Characteristics of Triangle Body Shapes

Figuring out the triangle shaped body isn't difficult. Like the name implies, it simply means that your hips and thighs are wider than your shoulders, bust and waist. Regardless of whether you have a full figure or a small or a medium triangular build, your waist can have a tendency to be small or well defined. An example of a triangle body shape? According to fashion designer Bradley Bayou, the super fabulous singer and actress Beyonce is considered an "average medium triangle" shape with her hips being the prominent focus of her figure.

How to Flatter it With Color

Flattering a triangular figure is a simple matter of balancing your curvier parts with the narrower ones. That means you'll want to bring the focus off of your voluptuous thighs and hips and direct it up  towards your face, chest and waist instead. One way to do that is to wear dark colors for pants and skirts and wear brighter colors for tops. Brighter colors will grab the attention of your admirers and direct their gazes up toward your upper body where you want it. Doing this allows you to play the illusionist (minus the Las Vegas act) by making your lower body less obvious than your shoulders, chest and face.

What Clothes to Wear

Wide-leg and straight leg pants work wonders by creating straight slenderizing lines on girls that are all about the hips and thighs. If you have a triangular body, you should also wear straight or slightly flared skirts to help conceal those full areas.  Dresses with empire waistlines are roomier at the bottom, and will flow over your hips as opposed to clinging and bringing attention to them. A-line skirts, dresses and even jackets also flow over and camouflage those fuller hips. Look for shapely necklines in your tops or any interesting attention grabbing details at your upper body, like a large collar or lapel. Double breasted jackets, vests and coats balance out your narrower upper body and your fuller lower one.

What Not to Wear

Clothing can be a major enemy to triangular bodies if you're fighting your shape and trying to fit it in clothes that just don't work. Treat pants and skirts with pleats like they're the worst of last year's bad fashion and avoid them at all cost. They'll give you bumps and bulges in areas that look better smoother and slimmer. Tapered skirts and pants are also a no-no as they make your hips and thighs look larger. Thinking of hiding behind baggy garments? Think again. Baggy garments aren't fooling anyone, they're just making you look larger in areas where you don't want to and sloppy all over.

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